Sunday, October 24, 2010

marital moments

One of my closest friends got married this weekend. She has been such an encouragement these past four years and still continues to be. I've heard it said to me before that the friends you make in college are the ones you keep in life. You know that friend who knows what you're going to say before you say it? Will laugh in your face one day but be supportive when something's not right? Understands your sense of humour and quirks? Will say something so blunt and inapprops but that's okay because that's just the way they are? She's that friend. And what a joy it was to be a part of her day.

On the way to the ceremony I pondered a question, and instead of saving it til the end as I originally planned, I'll ask right now: as a guest, what is the moment that stands out the most in a wedding? As the day went on I began to think about what the moments would be if I was on the inside looking out. So below are some moments that are common in a wedding that I consider mini highlights for me, personally.

- the picture taking. Cameras and I have a love-hate relationship; I like being in pictures, but I usually don't turn out too well in them. However, you give me a day to do as many silly poses and postures as possible with the love of my life taken by a good photographer and I'm there! Who knows, maybe after hours of photo-editing I'll come out looking like a movie star!

- the speeches. In every wedding I've attended there's always been that desire to stand up and say something sentimental. I just appreciate the art in giving a speech that is sprinkled, nay, coated with humour, but the substance remains thought-provoking and true. There are many things I could've said in this particular wedding, some of which may have been inapprops, but that would be the joy/fun in having an open mic. Not sure if that decision will be vetoed at our wedding or not.

- the dance. The DJ played this song for the father-daughter dance, which I thought very approps (If you have me as a Facebook Friend, it is listed as one of those songs in my Notes I find "very interesting, to say the least"). As I watched them and then bride/groom dance away, a moment I consider would be a highlight for me is that time together. With the music playing and people all around you it can seem so public, but at the same time you have that time where you can talk privately between yourselves without having others listening in. Unless you have the ability to read lips. It's that intimate moment you share together in private within a public setting.

- the bridal entrance. This seems to have been the popular vote for 'moment that stands out', and for me too. Bride walking in is one of those moments that trigger the waterworks (I wonder if Jack Bauer teared up when he married Carrie?). More than that, what makes this a highlight, is that in that moment she is walking up all eyes are on her; her dress, her hair, her face, her very aura as she takes those steps. And yet while everyone is looking at her, she's the one that will be looking at me! That would be a special moment indeed, and should the floodgates open wide it wouldn't taint the moment one bit. When I see God in this light, it makes the words from his love letter come alive more to me. I appreciate the moments when God is interwoven in the message of marriage as well; he will always play the biggest part in mine, even after the wedding bells have stopped ringing.

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