Friday, March 18, 2011

Friday Review

Who is Rebecca Black? Not too sure, but with over 15 million views for her music video "Friday" she is worth a mention. The video itself is a combination being both horrible and amazing. Actually, more like it's so horrible that it's amazing. The depth of lyrical ingenuity is admirable: "Yesterday was Thursday / Today is Friday / Tomorrow is Saturday, and Sunday comes afterwards." Why doesn't Justin Bieber write songs like this?

Watch her video here

Some questions/thoughts while watching:

She can just talk about getting ready, without actually getting ready, and still get ready?

Who gave a 12-year old keys to a convertible?

Pretty sure the only seat available is in the back.

What about the "friend" on your left side, Rebecca?

2:04 - epilepsy warning

Fat Usher, why are you following a school bus late at night? News flash: Rebecca isn't on the bus, she ditched it for a ride with her friends.

Did she even go to school that day?

What about you? Watching this video, what are some of your favourite lyrics (or biggest questions) to

As upbeat as this video was, it's a little depressing knowing that these kids are going to "get down" this weekend and party while I'll most likely be stuck at home studying. FUN FUN FUN FUN. I do give her some credit, though. Rebecca Black did something Sesame Street failed to do: teach me the days of the week. Saturday and Sunday both start with the same letter, it can be confusing which comes first sometimes.

It's going to be weird if from now on people looking forward to the weekend will also be looking forward to mentioning this song. One thing is for certain though: If the Bieber fever doesn't kill you, the Black plague will.


  1. The Black Eyed Peas went beyond Rebecca Black's teachings - they took a leap and went through ALL seven days in "I Gotta Feeling". Although, they did repeat Saturday twice, which could spark confusion.

    On a serious note, why is it that established artists can sing about nonsense, yet when a preteen makes something we expect so much more from them?

    Or take Kanaan, for example. He played his Wavin' Flag song on Canada Day a year before it was used for the World Cup. Back then (when he was a nobody), everyone thought his song was so repetitive and about nonesense and didn't give it much attention. "They'll call me freedom; Just like a wavin' flag". What does that even mean? Yet, when it all of a sudden gets used for the World Cup, everyone falls in love with it, myself included.

  2. Good point!

    I was mulling what you said over the weekend (ha!) and I'm not sure why we do it. Part of it could be because of the huge response creates a tidal wave of people just jumping on the bandwagon.

    What I do not like is why there has been so much hate towards her. She's 13-years old and does not deserve any of the turmoil most people have been giving her. That being said, nothing against her - it's just a really fun & catchy song.

    Now that the weekend's over, I'm onto the Ching Chong song(check it out; hilarity at its finest )