Wednesday, March 30, 2011

No Edits

How would you feel if your life was a movie? I'd like to think mine would be pretty sweet. I'd get to sit in the director's chair and tweak the script and make sure that our budget can accommodate all the explosions happening. It will be a dramatic action film with wit and charm. I will get final cut and make sure that it's ready to be shown hundreds and thousands of people.

Then I think about my life now, and I ask the question - if my life was filmed up to now, would I go see it? If everything, and I mean everything was recorded: the words I say to people, the things I do (or don't do), is this a movie I'm going to want being played when I'm gone. It's different when you don't have that final cut opportunity. I know my family and friends would probably have a biased opinion on liking it anyway, but I'm thinking more of the average random person. I'm thinking about living through the day-to-day. I've heard/read that the days are long, but the years are short. There certainly is truth to that observation. I'll be completing undergraduate school soon, and leaving this city in less than 3 weeks - want those weeks to count!

Can't change the past, but we can work on today and anticipate the future. Think about it; a movie about you, no edits. Is that a movie people will be encouraged to see?


  1. Millions would come out, from miles around, to watch my life

  2. Maybe I'd go back and make my time more productive... edit out all the procrastinating and insert some scenes of me diligently working... very tempting.