Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Rejoice Always

I've heard a pastor say before, that in times when you are not feeling like worshiping God or giving thanks, that's when you should be giving more praise and thanks. So often circumstances arise when we only focus on our selves. Our problems, or challenges.

Right now I am looking for opportunities to learn and grow. This is proving to be a little bit of a challenge, since school is out of session and the real world is at my doorstep. I need to stop and ask myself: Do I start each day in pursuit of the presence of God (his glory), or the presents of God (his gifts)? May my mind remain focused on what really matters.

How tempting it is, to learn of someone's good fortune, and then reflect on our own situation. We need not worry about our own circumstance, but rather rejoice! There is always something to be thankful for. I think instead of allowing other people to be thankful for us, we need people to encourage us to be thankful for ourselves.

I'm learning that every day is a new lesson, an opportunity to test every theory or apply any formula. Every day is an opportunity to make someone else's day better. Simply a smile could do it. It's interesting because when I think to myself "no one knows what I'm going through", I have to remind myself that Someone does know; surely there are others who need Someone, too.

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