Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Clicks of Affirmation

I have discovered that the simplest things can be the best things. When I peruse Facebook and read a status that I "like", I don't mind telling others that I do. In the action lies the power of influence, in my opinion. Sometimes a status can be liked by one or two people, but when it's liked by twenty or thirty you know you've hit upon something real. And it's funny that a simple click can brighten someone's day. If you don't think so, remind yourself of a time when you posted something that was cute/funny/thoughtful/random that was liked by many people. Felt good, right?

There are several reasons why someone might "like" a status, link, or comment on Facebook. They could be in agreement with the person, the shortest way of saying "ditto"; in defense of that person, they may have posted a better argument than you could have communicated; in acknowledgement of that person, their way of saying "yes". No matter the reason, they all point to an endorsement of that person. Therefore, that person who posted a status/link/comment is affirmed.

Sometimes the simplest things can create the best response.

In the offline world it would be you telling a joke and the positive response would be a laugh. On Twitter, it can be as simple as having your tweet be RT'd (retweeted). There are many articles discussing the ways in which people can get their tweets RT'd, and if feels good to us when they are! As one author put it, RTing is the simplest form of flattery in the Twitterverse.

It's interesting to think that one small action, literally one click, can have the power to make someone smile.

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  1. so how do you reaffirm a blogpost? perhaps by posting a comment that says...I ENDORSE YOU, PETER! hope it worked :D