Wednesday, June 29, 2011

(don't) judge a blog by its title

With more people getting into the pattern of blogging, the choice of unique blog names are slowly dwindling.

My first blog did not have a title, not that I remember. It was hosted by Livejournal. It started as an online diary of sorts, but near the end became more of a convenient location for daily devotions and inspirational stories.

My first university summer was spent in Calgary on a missions trip, so I thought it would be good to start up another blog dedicated to that as a way of updating supporters and partners. I called it rockymountainproject2007. Title is self explanatory. I have since contributed entries to another blog with a similar name, intended for the participants of the project to stay in contact with each other. Surprisingly there have been many "project relationships" that started from our project, and happily these couples have gotten married. Both blogs were hosted by another platform, blogger.

In 2010, Under the same blogger URL I simply changed the theme of my blog and called it Relationally Speaking. The logic behind this was that people would follow a blog that is dedicated to relationships. It was intended for more taboo topics and areas that most people think about but hesitate to ask out loud. I soon realized I am not the person best equipped for this approach and put it to rest. Both the idea and title of the blog I still value as very hopeful for future writing.

In 2011 I stayed with blogger and created a new url, peterison( I changed the theme again to what is currently my odyssey. I wanted to move from the general topic of relationships to my own personal adventure. This has been proven to be more difficult, as content for this blog has not been frequent.

Mostly recently I have created another micro-blog on the tumblr platform. It holds the same url as blogger, but the theme/name is little big things. The name suggests that everything matters, and that the little things in life lead to startling significances later.

Lately I've been having a little fun thinking up new names for personal blogs. Alliteration and puns will always be my favourite starting point.

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