Thursday, March 29, 2012

Blog Roll!

The internet can be a really fun place. When I started blogging in 2005 it started as just something because significant people in my life were doing it. Whenever we saw each other in person we would comment (out loud) about what we've read, and it was a fun time.

Now, with SEO and tags and social media, there is no limit to who can view our content. This excites me, because it opens doors to people I never would actually know in real life. I thought I'd dedicate a post to the strangers I've never met, but whose dedication to writing their blogs have kept me entertained and in some cases educated.

drum roll....

Cam's Blog
I remember having stumbled upon Cam's review of 127 Hours and finding it really well written.
What I like most about Cam's film reviews is that whether by extensive research or sheer knowledge, he knows a lot about movies. And I mean people behind the scenes: directors, actors, photographers, etc. I always am learning something new about a real person whenever I read his reviews and I love that. His writing also inspired me to write my own pseudo film reviews which I hope I continue doing; also to write more and to write better.

Some other features would include his "foto fridays" in which he uploads pictures he's taken from the Seattle area. Having visited Seattle two summers ago, I take note of some things to check out if I ever have the opportunity to visit again.

Another feature includes weekly predictions for how movies will fare at the box office. I think I will start something similar, only less substantial. I will give a thumbs up or down on how I think it will be received, then compare it with Rotten Tomatoes. I miss his "YouTuesdays" feature, where he would compile a bunch of videos from the week and highlight them, but I do understand how busy life gets.

Also I think I've only caught maybe two of his podcasts, but they're really good. As a pop culture junkie, I enjoy any and all references.

If ever I can think of someone who loves movies than I do, Cam would be it!

Similar to Cam, I actually stumbled onto Charlie's blog via Google search for a transcript of an episode of How I Met Your Mother. What I discovered was something actually more amazing. Turns out Charles is a writer, and he does what I have always wanted to do for a long time: dissect episodes of HIMYM. He outlines the hits and misses, even providing suggestions for how close we are to discovering who the mother is. I tried to do something similar and hope to continue practicing with that.

He also writes weekly columns titled "The Relationship Corner" which I highly recommend you check out, they are so insightful and very accurate. Check them out, there's always a take-away no matter what relationship stage you are in. I love it!

This was most of the random connection ever. I think it was just a random RT on Twitter about the story of a gamestore clerk who witnessed an unfortunate situation where a father was belittling his son for wanting a pink controller instead of a blue one, and the boy's older brother steps in to defend him. It was a touching story and I was browsing through some of her other posts (most of which are written straight from her iPhone, btw) and I was really interested.

I think the fact that she updates her tumblr more than anyone I've ever known is what keeps me subscribed as there's always new content. That and she's the most fascinating stranger I remember never meeting! Read her "About Me" section and you'll agree. I think we can spend hours discussing politics and the military.

I got linked to Tammy's blog through Jon Acuff's blog, the author of Stuff Christian's Like and Quitter (which I may or may not have quit reading...). Her insights on discovering what it means to chase after your dream and reaching your goals were really inspiring. A few months ago she also started a series when she reflected back on her marriage and writing out the things she learned. I found that very good, as a young person who is thinking about the idea of thinking about marriage one day.

Now of course there are others, but these are the people who came first in my mind. Everyone has someone they blog stalk, and I appreciate these blogs for their contributing their thoughts and opinions to the world wide web so that strangers like myself can consume them. I hope the feeling's mutual.

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