Friday, April 13, 2012

"Vision Shifting" Priorities

So I read this article from The Christian Post about pastor Mark Driscoll's decision to step down as president of the Acts 29 Network of which he started.

(a little time out while you read article for yourself)

I think it's great that Matt Chandler, new president of the network, is working towards equipping more leaders into ministry.

I think that Driscoll's decision to step down was the right one. It was right because he understands the costs. This isn't someone who saw "cracks" in a system and decided to abandon ship. I firmly believe that he knew where his higher calling was, in leading his church and his family.

Driscoll lowering himself from such high a position to take a board seat shows his earnest desire to see the network expand and strengthen, while holding on tighter to his wife and kids, and the people of Mars Hill.

A classic example I can draw from the fictional world of television is the classic Ari Gold of the show Entourage. Here we see an over-achiever who knows what he wants and goes after it. The beautiful wife, spoiled kids, and lucrative career. However it's the career he chooses to make a priority, over-working himself and becoming the head of the biggest agency in the world while his family slip away by the wayside.

Who can think up a more redemptive TV moment than when Ari finally decides to drop absolutely everything for his family back?

Now I'm not saying that's what is happening here, that Mark is having any apparent marital woes. What I am saying is that there is a lot of respect for a person who can identify threats to their priorities and nip them in the bud. There is respect for a person who can start something, have it thrive, and then let go before it consumes them.

Too many pastors have failed to reflect on the cost of vision, and few are the pastors who have courage to prioritize before it's too late.

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