Thursday, May 31, 2012

Loving people

I have a confession: I love Valentines Day. I love it so much I'm talking about it nine months early (not 3 months late...).

Often there are two camps: the lovers and the haters. It's easy to offer reasons on either side of the fence you're on, but if you're hating on Valentines Day my only question to you is: Why?

There is always more love to give. If you don't have a specific someone to celebrate with that year, be generous and celebrate with those around you (like those people waiting for a bus!).

Honestly people, the more you love those around you the more love you'll receive back. And love is a loving feeling.

I'm reminded of that with engagement announcements and weddings this season. Not only is it two people celebrating, but I do see it as a community event. I think weddings are intended to be a big party, and the more people you include the happier you feel. Really! Check out this really cool lip-dub proposal.

Part of the reason I think this was incredibly successful was because of the volunteers who generously donated their time and talent to help put on such a daring event.

Now imagine the happy couple celebrating with all those people at their ceremony, what a party that will be!

Moral of the story is this: Less of yourself and more of others. And by 'others' I mean those around you, be happy for them!

I love Valentines Day because I love loving others. Husbands, romantically pursuing your wife doesn't have to be a solo thing. What I mean is if you can, enlist the help of your friends to help put on a romantic evening that you and her will remember forever.

When I think of the best marriage proposals I've seen, all of them involved the help of friends/relatives. Every single one.

There is always someone to love on. If you don't have a special someone to focus in on, that means more love to go around for others.

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