Friday, May 25, 2012

Pictures Are Not Be All or End All of Content

It's true that pictures are worth a thousand words and that your viewership increases exponentially if you select the right photo into your posts. Ever watched a Youtube video and see something scandalous on the right-hand side that peaked your curiosity? Exactly.

But to say that your content is sunk without good photos is too much (points for the catchy headline).

The problem might be that somewhere along the way to increasing revenue, marketers forgot that content is really formed through good storytelling. I am captivated by people; their examples and their vulnerability. 

I have many blogs on my Google Reader and Twitter Lists that post using only text, but the content is so good I keep reading. They do not need photos to keep me engaged because I'm already engaged. 

Reading doesn't have to feel like a chore if the quality of the content is great. There is one blogger who updates his tumblr irregularly. And every time, every time, a post goes up I read it. And every time I have either retweeted it, favorited it, or merely mentioned it, because his content is that good

Do you need photos in your content? It helps. But let the content speak for itself, because a picture won't save a blog post if the thousand words it represents are garbage. 

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