Wednesday, July 4, 2012

The Twenty Something Years

Today is my birthday.

I rejoice in many things. And when people would ask me what I want they are a little confused when my response to them comes out sounding like, "more presents." Actually, what I really mean to say is "more presence."

This may be the first time I can answer the often-asked question of if I feel any different with a resounding "Yes." I've now entered my mid-twenties, and with that comes the conscious awareness of my priorities.

This past weekend I was privileged of taking a weekend trip to Ottawa for Canada Day festivities. I was very intentional about connecting with old friends (and meeting new ones was also good). I really cherished the time spent with my friends. I came back that weekend with memories that will be forever unique to just me, and that could only have happened by their presence.

Parties stop becoming about yourself and more about helping with a charity, a cause. We think less of ourselves and more of others. It's a sign that we are maturing, growing out of adolescence and into responsible adults. This is not a bad thing.

C.S. Lewis has written an essay on friendship in which he talks about how one friend can bring out something unique in another. I do have friends who can make me laugh in a way only they can. It's also encouraging when you can look back and see the influence you've made on others. 

I'm not too sure what else to type other than remember your priorities. Sometimes your priorities are what will help you keep on the narrow road. You're bound to make a friend along the way :)  


  1. You have the same birthday as my wife! Happy birthday, man.