Monday, September 24, 2012


I think this is a winner, folks.

We're two episodes into the new show, Revolution, and I like what I've seen so far. The series takes place 15 years after all the electricity on the planet goes out and civilizations have crumpled and the world is a totally different place. I would have really liked to see a show that is focused on the aftermath of the power going out, and the deconstruction of society, but the way the show plays now is actually working for now; we see flashbacks from the past, offering up clues to unknown mysteries in the present.

Some scenes provide more of a sociological framework for human consciousness, like when the main character points out, "There are thirty people treated as slaves and you're arguing over a rifle. No one has even mentioned them - what's wrong with you people!". It's a grim reality of a culture that has become desensitized to a world without rules and basic human dignity.

Right now I really want to stay with the story, just like how Lost got us hooked in their journey. The advantage that Revolution has right now with viewers is that they're tying in pieces from the past, so that we can also start piecing together parts of this puzzle. If we see more flashbacks of what happened when the power went out, that will keep me watching.

For now I think it's on a good course.

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