Monday, December 31, 2012

Top 10 Posts Of 2012

With 2012 coming to an end, I thought I would post up an obligatory "2012 review" of the top 10 posts of this past year. This has been a fun blog to keep up with, and I'm already thinking through what I will like to write more about in the coming year. Thank you for joining my odyssey; the more I reflect, the more I realize my role is only small part of a grander and more beautiful narrative. So without further a due ..

#1 Definitely, Maybe

One of my favourite posts to write. It's one of the first times I thought of connecting stories in movies to God, and one of the influences in discovering that every story points to God, no matter the medium (television, books, music, etc.). I like this movie a lot.

#2 The Eventual Rise of Digital Magazines

My interests in tech is the inspiration for writing this, and I'm interested to see if this eventuality will come to pass. I still haven't gotten the hang of reading from a tablet yet (the best I can muster up is my Bible app), but that's not to say the next generation will have the same difficulties. If anything, I may still be better at hand-writing than my niece!

#3 Modern Day Fools

I wanted to expand on the idea back in high school after reading King Lear as a class. The idea of a jester who has license to dispel truth still carries today, and the need to filter the right information is more important than ever.

#4 Party Time!

This is a cheat, I know, because it was posted almost 2 years ago. BUT I will keep it on because there is always an exception to the rule. And since wedding engagements are still a thing, it's good to jump into 2013 with these thoughts in mind.

#5 12 of '12: Films

With the exception of Jack the Giant Slayer (formerly "Jack The Giant Killer") and World War Z, both of which got pushed to a 2013 release date, I have seen each one of these! Granted the order of this list needs alterations, but I think I will start another list for 2013 and expand it to books and television. Or just television. Someone recommend me some books!

#6 My Thoughts on Girl Meets World

Boy Meets World was one of my favourite shows growing up, if not the show. My sentiments are similar with Danielle Fishel, who wrote about her thoughts on the series spawning a sequel.

#7 Next To Who?

A fun game my brother and I invented where we try and figure out who the "undercover Christian" artist is in their musical lyrics. Interestingly enough funnyman Jon Acuff would create something similar in a game he dubs "God or Girlfriend".

#8 Purple Giraffe

This is part of a series of posts that looks at the metanarratives found within the television series How I Met Your Mother. I've been following the show for 5 years now, and it has recently signed on for a 9th season. I kind of just jumped into the idea of critically thinking through and what applications can be pulled (or what can stay) from the show. I'm hoping to continue the series in the new year.

#9 The Excitement and the Anticipation: A Comment Response

This was the first part of a series in which instead of leaving a comment on other people's blogs, I would dedicate a post in response. This is actually the only post I did that with, but I'm hoping to continue the series in the new year. Something I heard from Ted Duncan in a recent talk at #p2cplusTO made me think of a good post response, maybe I'll do that.

#10 Begin with the End in Mind

A theory that I have when it comes to television programs, particularly sit-coms.

That's all, folks! I will take today to remember and reflect the goodness and the lessons learned this year. I think as good as it is to look into the new year ahead, to also close the door on the year that was, and be thankful.

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