Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Humber PR Pro Tip: Managing Timetables

Humber PR really schooled me in time management. I will elaborate more on this in a future post, but for now let's focus on one thing students in the program should keep in mind: their timetable. 

Here is what my timetable looked like last semester (Jan '13):

Courses consisted of: Writing Lab, Event Planning & Management, Public Affairs, Social & Digital Media, Practice & Theory, Corporate & Int'l PR, Marketing Communications, Strategic Communications.

Many students have a part-time job, and the first semester provided opportunities for early morning shifts Tuesdays and Thursdays, depending on opening hours. It really depends on what your schedule looks like, so check early before you submit your work hours. 

Here is what my timetable looks like next semester (May '13)

Courses will consist of: Writing Lab 2, Design, PR in the Workplace, Presentation Skills, CSR & Sustainability, Change Management, Research, Non-Profit PR, Media Relations. 

If semester two looks heavier than semester one, it's because the second semester has one extra course with very minimal breaks. Really the moral of the story is that no two timetables are ever alike. In the past there have been some days that are completely free, which is a big help.

Think about what you will do during your breaks between classes. Many of us eat lunch together and this really helps in meshing with classmates. Team meetings are made possible also. 

Whatever you choose to do, make sure that time is invested well!

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