Saturday, June 8, 2013

Fall TV Lineup

The major networks have announced which new shows they are going to be bringing in the fall, and after viewing some (okay, all) of the trailers, I am ready to give my verdict on which I think will become hits and misses. I will note reasons for a few.

Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. - HIT (reason: you need a reason? Okay: Joss Whedon, Avengers, Superheroes, Action and PHIL COULSON)
Once Upon a Time in Wonderland - HIT (reason: I was surprised that Once Upon A Time got picked up, but its success warrants a similar fate for this spin-off)
Super Fun Night - FLOP
The Goldbergs - FLOP
Lucky 7 - FLOP
Back in the Game - UNSURE
Betrayal - FLOP
Trophy Wife - FLOP
Mixology - FLOP
Resurrection - UNSURE
Killer Women - FLOP
Mind Games - HIT

The Crazy Ones - FLOP
The Millers - FLOP
Mom - FLOP
We Are Men - FLOP
Friends with Better Lives - UNSURE
Hostages - FLOP
Intelligence - FLOP
Reckless - UNSURE

Almost Human - UNSURE (reason: no trailer posted)
Sleepy Hollow - HIT (reason: It will play out the same way Grimm did)
Dads - FLOP (reason: incredibly sexist, which makes sense when you learn Seth MacFarlane is behind this)
Brooklyn Nine-Nine - UNSURE (reason: funny, but the extended adolescence Samberg plays is  a little beyond ridiculous)
Rake - FLOP (reason: he's too much of a disaster, no matter how good a lawyer he is)
Junior Masterchef - UNSURE (reason: no trailer posted, but it looks successful in other parts of the world so why not)
Enlisted - FLOP (reason: an insult to the military)

The Blacklist - HIT (the best trailer I've seen thus far. James Spader is perfect for this role, giving off a hint of Hannibal Lector without being so obvious)
Ironside - UNSURE (reason: this reminds me a lot of Flashpoint, and that was a success for a while)
Welcome to the Family - FLOP
Sean Saves the World - FLOP
The Michael J. Fox Show - FLOP (reason: same reason Go On didn't go on, whatever reason that was)
Dracula - FLOP
Believe - FLOP (reason: telekinesis is not good for TV, just saying...)
Crisis - HIT (reason: creative concept, I think it will keep people interested)
About a Boy - UNSURE
The Family Guide - UNSURE

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