Monday, November 15, 2010

Challenges recounted

Yesterday went to the library to work on an essay. What started as a solo trek quickly became a random bus party as others were making their way to campus. Although I didn't get to work as much on my essay as originally planned (still more than if I had stayed at home, mind you!) I appreciated spending a Sunday afternoon with friends. Looking back in the future I will not remember anything about legislation behind Pay Equity and the system to determine Gender-Neutrality Commodity models. I will remember PU falling off a chair in the library and going halfsies on a pizza with ID. And lurking in my office for a bigger desk to be made available.

Tonight was also quite pleasant. I had learned that my instructor convocated this weekend (she now has her PhD)so I went up to congratulate her before class. It turned out that she had the best weekend ever! Saturday she convocated, but Friday she got married! and apparently Sunday the Ruff Riders won a game and she bleeds green. To top it all off, tonight she got to teach a lecture with me in the class, that is a pretty sweet honour in itself. And she brought me (and the rest of the class) cakes! Now I don't usually eat cake, but it was great cake, and she made it herself.

Sometimes it happens that your day doesn't turn out the way you expect, but it's great to see God exceed your expectations. As someone who isn't me once said, expect the unexpected!


  1. Please enlighten me on how one can look "BACK in the future".

  2. Yes, i'm sure that the fact you were in her class was the cherry on the top of her very high cake

  3. Hey Peter, just found your blog. You make me laugh, I'm sure having you is her class is a highlight for your prof.