Saturday, November 13, 2010

Eluding Logic

So far I must say I've been surprised. It was nice to sleep in this morning, and then making one of my favourite breakfasts: french toast with a mountain of fruit (okay, more like berries). But more than the good morning, I'm surprised because this was not what I had planned the day to start, or even end. I pictured getting up early and getting research on an essay due next week, and begin writing a good portion of it. Hopefully the rest of the night will prove to be more productive.

Ever experienced a moment where you spot someone from across the room, across the table, or across the fence, your eyes meet, and your reaction is to look away? I may have thought about this in a previous post, but my mind is going deeper into that instinctual reaction we have to look away. Why do we look away? Usually when I am in actual conversation with the person do I feel okay with constant eye contact. I wonder if the saying, "eye is the window to the soul" has anything to do with this. Maybe it's true that we do make a certain connection, and part of why we look away is because somewhere within ourselves we second-guess ourselves. Just maybe we feel like it is an invasion of some sort of unspoken privacy.

I wonder if Jesus had this experience when he was on earth. I would imagine that there was something marvelous in his eyes that to make initial eye contact would actually be the opposite of our instinctual reaction, we would continue to make that connection; we would try and maintain that connection for as long as we can. And I'm sure there are people connected to Jesus who have this too, that peace within themselves that someone can look into their eyes and not instantly look away.

I do know that when two people's eyes meet and a connection is made, it is one of those rare moments that words cannot capture.


  1. In the CH community, eye contact for extended periods of time is anything BUT rare in NVCI (Non-Violent Crisis Intervention) Training.
    We did an exercise to illustrate personal space and well... it was one of the most uncomfortable/awkward/hilarious experiences I have ever been in. Basically I had to maintain eye contact with a guy (that I had just met)for at least a whole minute. I had to stop myself from laughing because I was so uneasy. I felt like he could see my soul and that we would now have to get married.

  2. "I do know that when two people's eyes meet and a connection is made, it is one of those rare moments that words cannot capture." - beautiful sentence