Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Before 24

Before 24, I think my favourite show was CSI. I even remember what the first episode of the series I watched was (for both shows, actually!). I suppose this is further evidence of the primary effect - that you always remember your first.

Recently I read a bog post by Jon Acuff sharing his "40 before 40 list" and was inspired to come up with some of my own goals I'd like to achieve before my 24th birthday. If you want to know who's funnier than me, this guy is it. The following list is made up of some goals. The italics are items borrowed from Jon's list that I like for myself.

So, in no particular order, my 24 before 24:

1. Go Swing Dancing.

2. Go Rock Climbing.

3. Read 50 of BBC's 100 books list that I haven't read already.

4. Have dinner with my grandparents in their home.

5. Learn how to make sushi.

6. Take a picture from up the CN Tower.

7. Teach someone guitar.

8. Go ziplining.

9. Own a lobster.

10. Spend an increasing amount of time with God and a decreasing amount of time with distractions.

11. Have the book of Ephesians memorized.

12. Listen to more classical music.

13. Be an extra in a movie.

14. Stay up-to-date with social media-related news.

15. Have a group of guys who love me enough to tell me when I’m being an idiot.

16. Complete a successful business plan.

17. Visit the Maritimes.

18. Go surfing.

19. Go to a live theatre.

20. Discover a creative way to get to know my neighbours.

21. Help someone else achieve their goal.

22. Host a dinner party.

23. Run a half marathon.

24. Be influential in the creation of a vlog.

What about you? What are some "30 before 30" or "50 before 50" goals you would like to achieve? I never dabbled with a bucket list (if you read the entries from that link in order, it's pretty funny), but maybe I'll reevaluate when I reach a quarter of a century.

What’s something you want to do?

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  1. I've been wall-climbing, not rock-climbing, but it's pretty fun... I always tell myself I should read more classic literature, but I never do. It seems to take too much effort.