Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Comfortable Silence

I think of the classy Christmas song Silent Night, and ask myself "how silent was it?" I mean, the shepherds had their sheep, and the wise men had their ...camels? (I'm not sure if their method of transportation is actually documented. And I'm pre-shamed if it is). My point is that, although I haven't been to many births, I'm sure not all was quiet let alone silent.

And yet, there is something satisfying when you encounter yourself with another human being(s) and the silence is not awkward, it just... is.

And yet, it's difficult for me to attain Comfortable Silence because I find that I am the one who has to say something. Anything. "A wise man has something to say, a fool has to say something." I forget who said that (it was Plato - thanks Google Search!), but it's an interesting thought. Sometimes I talk to much, and other times not enough. It may feel so difficult to find yourself in that place where you can just let silence take over, feel tranquility both in mind and body.

And yet, it is possible.


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  2. Thanks for that, it was an enjoyable read.