Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Party Time!

I know of fifteen couples engaged to be married. I know this because I wrote them down. I wrote them down because before writing them down I thought I knew maybe six or seven, or eight. So it's really surprising to see how much I underestimated.

It's a great season to be in, and this is coming from a guy on the outside looking in. I can imagine the thrill of asking yourself, what now, and being overwhelming at first; questions coming to you (guy or girl) from every direction: Have you picked a date? Have you picked a place? How did he/you propose? May I/we see the ring? I imagine that's all part of the excitement for them too, the sudden whirlwind of entering a new phase of a new season.

I recently asked a few people, and it's a question that has been posed by others as well: what is more important, the ring or the proposal?

"The proposal, because you want a good story to tell your friends"
"The ring, because it's going to be on your finger forever" (I didn't actually know this)
"The proposal, because it's all on the guy to figure out"
"The ring, because there needs to be thought into it"

Ultimately it will certainly depend on the couple, and that's the beauty of relationship - knowing the other person well enough that you just know what she wants. There's nothing more embarrassing than asking her in front of a jumbo-tron at a baseball game when she's a private person, and there's nothing more romantic than something quiet and sincere that you know is perfectly right for her.

So to the fifteen (going on thirty?) I say a heartfelt Congratulations! :) And looking forward to the engagement parties, haha.

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