Thursday, January 13, 2011

Creative Ingenuity

Last year I stumbled upon Alec Brownstein. I'll give you a moment to click on his name and watch his video. . . (1:01 minutes later) . . . How cool was that?!

There are three main reasons why I liked this video so much: outside-the-box thinking, personal promotion, and viral attraction.

In high school the best creative edge to help your resume stand out from the rest was to present it on a dvd. One person who did this had a username (company name) and password ("hireme") to open the files from the dvd. What Alec did here isn't what got him the job alone, but it's what helped him stand out. I've read that when company bosses are doing promotions, they promote the employees that they know and recognize. In this same practice, Alec is making himself stand out in a very positive way.

Not only does he gets the attention of potential bosses, but this very video gains the attention of just about everyone who watches it. I'm sure I can't be the only one who went to his website after and looked at his past projects (it's really cool, the stuff he worked on). Instant name recognition.

With almost 1 million views, what I enjoy most is the way Alec presents his "experiment". He could have chosen to verbalize it, film himself and give a step-by-step of what he did. He chose the perfect music and gave it the perfect pace. It was short, and to the point. It was something that made me want to share with others, and not just say "yeah, that's cool" and leave it (then forget about it).

I've been watching a lot of TEDTalks recently, but there're many great vids on Youtube. Here's one I got from a friend that made my night. Enjoy!

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