Monday, January 17, 2011

Yes, You

Saturday the big day arrived; we held our Yes, You Can! student leadership conference! It took a least nine months planning, the amount of time it takes to have a baby, and this event did feel like it was our "baby" these last couple of months.

The biggest response seemed to resonate from the keynote speaker, Amanda Lindhout, who shared about her experiences in Somalia and what she learned about forgiveness. Both her talk about the President's address kick-started the day the way we anticipated. It was encouraging to see a room full of students listening to Amanda's story and taking in her experiences.

Throughout the day I became more self-aware of my abilities and talents. I really enjoy leading by serving, and there's something significant about the concept of servant-leadership. Whether it's helping fellow committee members or participants, there is a sense of worth I get that comes from being available and helping out. My friend coordinated a week-long conference in December and shared a glimpse of just what the visuals looked like on paper. He was always on the run, ensuring everything was operating smoothly. Reflecting on this particular conference, I enjoyed giving opportunities for people to discuss and share what they've been learning. This meant creating an online presence for people who wanted to participate & know what's going on without being there, but also engaging with the ones who were attending and learning what they are taking away. Whether on my feet or on a chair, engagement was the thought of my day.

I found that each seminar reaffirmed common themes, that each complimented another. Student presenter Mozynah Nofal spoke about Dialogue and offered an example of the misconceptions of faith. Some stuff she said really relates to what one of my favourite blogger says about dreams & ideas. He also uses faith as an example, so I'd be interested in your thoughts!

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