Wednesday, April 27, 2011

An Analogy

An analogy I use to explain the university/college experience consists of ice cream. Not only because of its simplicity, but because it also gets people in the mood to go get some afterward. This is referred to as #bi-winning.

University/college is like ice cream. Everyone starts with a single scoop of vanilla. Depending on your program, that scoop may be in a waffle cone or small cup. Either way, one scoop of vanilla for every single person representing one part of the university experience.

Being involved in clubs and societies is a way to add a scoop to your ice cream cone. There are so many 'flavours' one can try. Balancing a social and academic life is part of developing one's self. You can add sprinkles, chocolate, coconut, whatever you want onto your ice cream.

If you look solely at academia, even the method of learning is changing. You can choose to take a co-op internship, go overseas on an international internship, you can take your classroom online, dialogue and engage in new ways. We are moving from a 'sit and listen' model to a 'discuss and collaborate' model. Raise your hand, don't be afraid to speak up. This is your education, your experience.

Everyone begins with a one-scoop vanilla ice cream cone. the exciting thing is to see what your ice cream cone looks like upon graduation. Will you still have a single scoop, or will it turn into a double fudge banana split sundae?

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  1. Neat analogy! Of course, I've experienced it when you've put too many different flavours on that ice cream, and it doesn't taste good at all (ie: trying to do too much). But I agree, plain ol' vanilla is boring.