Friday, May 6, 2011

new mornings

The best way to keep from spending any money? Stay indoors and don't go out!

The best way to let the days waste away? Stay indoors and don't go out!

This is a dilemma I've been facing the past week. Trying to keep my expenses to the bare minimum (so bare, there's nothing there!). The action I took was to stay inside during the hours that I would be most tempted to spend money, i.e. lunch and dinner hours. The result has been that I was able to explore bits of my city without having too spend too much, if anything.

When hunger begins to make itself known, I go back home and continue on the process of editing resumes and cover letters, and begin sending them out. The challenge I'm facing now is going to bed much later and sleeping in much later. My action for next week will have to be to mentally decide "Okay, my day starts NOW" and go.

This actually lead me to thinking about the day of rest (haha, and not because I wanted a break so soon) and how this can be most effectively achieved. So often we start our day with busy busy busy, and then come home to crash, so that we can start the cycle again. Imagine if we started our days in a good way?

The method I've heard of recently was to prioritize your evenings, so that you spend time doing the stuff that matters (friends, family, food, sleep) thus freeing the rest of your time to work. Where the Sabbath (Sunday) fits into this schedule is this now allows you to start the day of the week with more energy.

Whether you prioritize your evenings or your work day, it takes discipline to stick to it. My goal in this new schedule is to prioritize my time so that first things come first.

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