Thursday, January 5, 2012

Miss Representation

Have you seen it yet? Miss Representation is a documentary that you can guarantee will be shown in sociology classrooms, in the ranks of Killing Us Softly and Tough Guise.

It is an intriguing film, one that I would encourage men and women to see as issues of gender and sex become increasingly challenging to address.

Something that keeps getting back to me is the notion that there are still areas that are predominantly occupied by men, such as engineering and tech sectors. The issue I have isn't that we aren't doing enough to bring women into those fields (we are - the opportunities are there, women are simply not attracted to those positions and I think that's okay). The issue is what about the women who do enter those professions, how are they going to be received going in.

I've heard stories, so have you, about what it's like working in the boonies, or in construction or any other male dominated work environment; with the booze and foul language, and the disrespect towards women. Why would women want to enter that atmosphere?

Men: let's be better than brutish animals. Who knows, maybe instead of hollering profanities at your next female coworker you may just end up marrying her.

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