Friday, January 6, 2012

Oh, Mystery!

I was fascinated with a TED Talk J.J. Abrams gave in which he summed his life experience inside a box. He called this box the "mystery box" and for many years has not opened to discover the contents of said box.

There is something so mysterious about a mystery (duh, I know). I believe that this sense of mystery helps to keep life interesting.

It motivates the pursuit of someone you're interested in, wanting to know them more and more.

It fuels the need to develop a skill, pick up an instrument and play something new.

Mystery may even dictate the very experiences we respond to with the choices presented on a daily basis.

Let's be honest, we love mystery! It's the fear of the unknown that keeps us mentally aroused. Often there's a beauty in not knowing. Not all the time - if I had to guess when the bus would arrive on my way to work that would not be fun - but for some things it is what keeps the story going.

Tonight I was reminded of this after seeing an episode of The Office. Michael Scott is about to board his plane and, after taking his mic off, is met by Pam who had passed through Airport security to get a final goodbye.

We don't know what words are exchanged, we only see a hugging embrace. Okay technically the picture above is not of them hugging but rather him holding onto her waist and staring deeply into her eyes, but I chose this photo to point out Look! She took her shoes off and everything to see him in time!

The moments of mystery that are added to shows is what helps shape a great story.

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