Thursday, February 2, 2012

12 of '12: Films

This is the year for movies! I was looking back at my old ticket stubs and it seems that I have a roller coaster effect by which ever few years there are highs and lows. The pattern would indicate that this year is a high!

The Dark Knight Rises
Batman. Only the best superhero ever! I watched in theatres The Dark Knight 4 times and still sits as my second favourite movie of all time. If it was anyone besides Nolan directing this film, I would be a little concerned about the audio. Catching only a few minutes of Bane, it definitely was difficult to make out what he is saying. Since Batman already talks with a muffled voice, I wouldn't like to sit through a movie and try to translate what they're saying the entire time. It still looks fantastic though, and looking forward to how this series will conclude.

If there ever was a time to release a new triology targeted to teens, now is it. With Wizards, Werewolves and Vamps out of the picture, The Hunger Games is a welcomed book series that will keep you at the edge of wherever you read a book.

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey
I am not a hardcore LOTR fan, but that series has definitely been the foundation of why I look forward to seeing this film. That, and also actually reading the book. It will be great to see characters come back to the big screen, a welcomed reunion.

The Amazing Spider-Man
Maybe I'm just jumping on the hype wagon for this one, or maybe part of me thinks that Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone will be better than Toby Maguire and whats-her-name (Kirsten Dunst, I looked it up - thanks Google!)

The Avengers
Whoever made the idea of tying super hero movies together actually happen is a genius. I love watching stories that intersect, now we get to see actual characters from different movies intersect. Be sure to look out for Jeremy Renner; his role as Hawk Eye will be spectacular, as will his part in the retelling of Hansel & Gretel coming out next year and of course The Bourne Legacy this year.

The Bourne Legacy
Probably my favourite film trilogy is the Bourne series. I took note of Renner's acting in The Hurt Locker, and since then saw huge potential as an actor. That could prove right with this film as he takes a starring role in an already successful brand.

With the exception of Cars 2, PIXAR has not failed me one bit. This is going to be an interesting one because its hero is a female redhead. Only other one I can think of is Ariel from The Little Mermaid, but this girl is definitely not one idling by wishing for a dreamy prince to notice her.

Jack The Giant Killer
Another take at a classic tale. I'm not sure what draws me to this one though; it doesn't look like it will be what I'm expecting, which is closer to its classic

World War Z
It had me at zombies. Since watching The Walking Dead, Dead Island, Resident Evil movies and the whole zombie genre, I'm curious to know what this is about. Not sure if Brad Pitt is right for the film, but he knows his craft.

Men In Black III
Does Will Smith ever age? That's only one of the thoughts that go through my head as I watch the trailer.

Snow White and the Huntsman
Casting Kristen Stewart was a risky move to play the female lead heroine. First off, will people be able to really accept her as someone other than "that girl from Twilight?" and, more importantly, could she really be more beautiful than Charlize Theron?

It's undecided if I will actually go to see this movie in theaters, but I wanted to make note of its re-release for the remembrance of the 100th year anniversary. Growing up I studied the history of Titanic the way reformed theologians study the Bible, I was so into this "ship of dreams"

In Summary: Many titles beginning with "The" and stronger female leads. What movies are you looking forward to this year?

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  1. I think The Hunger Games and The Dark Knight Rises top my most anticipated movie list for this year!