Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Hunger Games

The Hunger Games is well underway to be the biggest news story this weekend. I purchased my ticket weeks ago in anticipation to see this story played out on the big screen.

There are some reservations as to how loyal to the book this film will be. I'm more assured since finding that not only has Suzanne Collins (the book author) approved the final film, she also had a role in developing the screenplay.

Still, there are some things that I wish to see drawn out a little in the film that may or may not appear, either due to time limitations or the fact that the book has no mention of it requiring creative interpretation.

Here a few of what I'm hoping for.

More Snow
I'm very excited that Donald Sutherland plays the ruthless President Snow of Panem. I saw the trailer before reading the book, so when I was introduced to the character I already had Sutherland pictured as the president. He's probably who I would have imagined anyway, so I'm happy about that. The thing is that in the first book, president Snow is mentioned hardly ever, and with someone as Sutherland playing the role I hope they gave him more scenes and screen time.

The Avoxes
These characters are rebels who have their tongues cut off and become servants for people in The Capitol. They add a layer of emotion when you begin to understand that the only thing they had done wrong was (often unintentionally) defy the government with their actions. They help give deeper perspective to this dystopian society, and I hope to see some of the theme played out through them.

Bread & Circus
I love that Collins chose "Panem" (latin for bread) for the fictional name of this dystopian nation. I've always been a fan of dystopian films/novels, because of this yearning for creating perfection that will always remain a dream in the hands of man. It reminds me a lot about a scene from Gladiator, when the emperor distracted the public by putting on games, a method of control. Looking forward to how this theme plays out as well.

The Fashion
Part of why teenage girls flocked to the book series (aside from the obvious love triangle) is the variety of fashion from the districts and the Capitol. Even looking at the social media marketing, a lot of blogs and sites were dedicated to the different clothing for its "citizens." The book created a sense of really crazy neon colours, so let's see what the movie has.

Probably my favourite character in the trilogy. A stylist, he is an excellent example of using whatever talents or gifting you have to make a difference. His ability to communicate his message in his work is truly magnificent, and I can't wait to see "the girl who was on fire."

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