Monday, April 30, 2012

Monday Mad Men Mention

So last night's episode of Mad Men was really interesting.

140 character summary: Megan and Don prove to be a power couple. Peggy makes life altering decision. Roger still has it going on. Sally grows up too soon.

Recently I was thinking about the idea of couples working together and how that impacts the relationship. In areas like church ministry it's common to see couples working side-by-side, casting light on the 'leader and helpmate' design.

On a dinner with a prospective client, Megan learns that the client is going to fire Don and take his business elsewhere. Fortunately, Megan had proposed a new direction for the client's creative that Don not only loved, but assigned copy writers to re-do all their previous works to her idea. Megan and Don do a dance with dialogue to intrigue the client with this new idea, keeping him at the table and interested. Poor Ken has no idea what's going on, so watching Megan and Don exchange glances and feed each other pitches was very good to see. The biblical calling of a wife to be her husband's helpmate was clearly communicated in this scene, because without Megan's help and involvement, the account would have surely been lost and Don made out to look like a fool.

Peggy has her own mini drama when her boyfriend asks her out to dinner during a busy night. Joan suggests that this kind of request almost always carries intentional news, perhaps an engagement? Peggy's hopes are high, as her smile remains radiant from the moment she steps into the restaurant to the moment the big question is asked: Do you want to live together? Personally I thought this would be cause for outrage, that she would storm off or just end things with him. Instead her response is, "Yes. I do." More odd is the next day when, seeing the lack of a ring, Joan tells Peggy, "I'm sorry. He didn't propose?" and her reply was, "better. We're moving in together." Well, five decades later...

Megan's parents made an appearance in this episode (unless they appeared last episode; I missed it, hence no MMMM last week). It seems they have marital strife, and the wife has a fancy for Mr. Sterling. The timing of it is well executed, as we see Sally dressing up and wearing make-up that Don insists she removes (+1 Don for fathering). At an awards dinner, Roger and Ms. Megan's mom have a private sexual encounter that Sally happens to witness, and we can assume now that whatever childhood innocence she had left has been stripped away.

The use of colours have been significantly reduced. More so because many of this episode's events occurred at night, but I think we're beginning to see the characters' vices make an outward appearance that will all come crashing together in a medley of disaster.

- Sally will begin to explore her own sexuality
- Roger will be found out, and humiliated.
- Peggy will realize she's made a horrible mistake and seek out Joan for comfort
- Joan will provide horrible advice and, feeling guilty about it, seek Roger for comfort

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