Thursday, April 26, 2012

This Weekend's Movie Predictions

A weekly series on my intuition or gut-feeling of how movies will be received by audiences and critics at the theatres. Mostly I score this by the trailers & marketing impressions I've seen. 

Last Week

My prediction: Yes
Rotten Tomatoes: Yes (78%)

Interestingly Jane Goodall made a prior film on chimps 10 years ago, which received a Rotten Tomato rating of 95% (However, the audience response was significantly lower - 55% - compared to Chimpanzee which received 80% from viewers). 

Damsels in Distress
My prediction: No
Rotten Tomatoes: Yes (78%)

So all that stuff I said about "it tries to be instead of just being"? Clearly I was the only one to have thought that . . . (Note to self: search up proper use of ellipses). Or maybe not, considering that the audience review was 60%. Still, I'm curious if this title will pop up in any award functions. It has already won the praise of several film festivals (my bad). 

The Lucky One
My prediction: Yes
Rotten Tomatoes: No (21%)

I'm actually a little surprised it is this low. Reviews suggest that there is nothing new done here, and it's the same sappy story as any other Sparks novel. Too bad. It seems the positive audience feedback was mostly from teenage girls, with little feedback on story. 
Think Like A Man
My prediction: No
Rotten Tomatoes: No (51%)

No surprise here. As one reviewer put it: "Movies that claim to have answers to life's relationship questions should really offer up those answers." However, it did receive an audience rating of 90% and was #1 in the box office this weekend. If you've seen this film and liked it, let me know why. 

This Week

Darling Companion
My prediction: No

As good as a story about a dog and master is, it's done too many times. The trailer made the film look too safe, like it's predictable what will happen or already prepares you emotionally for what will happen. 

My prediction: No

I am a big Jason Stathom fan, let's make that clear. It;s just that when you have become a staple name in the "look serious and fight serious" category, there is no change to the formula. This movie can be called whatever it wants, the story told anyway it wants, and audiences will still pay to see the look and the fight. So even if it doesn't win any awards, it might make more money.  

The Five-Year Engagement
My prediction: Yes

Jason Segal is really refining his craft in directing, writing, and acting. This story is a nice "what happens after the love story" and a life stage that hasn't been explored too much in film that a lot of people can relate with. Also the PR for this has huge potential! (Jewelry stores can post signage, "why wait?" etc.) not too mention all the pop culture references that I've seen in the trailer, this would be something I see for sure. 

The Pirates! Band of Misfits
My prediction: Yes

If only for the fact that claymation will be good for the kids and adults alike (Wallace & Gromit, anyone?)

The Raven
My prediction: No

I'm not sure why, but I just don't see this being a success. I see it going the way of The Wolfman. 

Warriors of the Rainbow
My prediction: No

Haven't heard much of it. 

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