Monday, May 7, 2012

On Fatherhood

Some days I really look forward to fatherhood, and other days I freak out thinking how badly am I going to mess that kid up (these days are also not mutually exclusive).

I think (hope) every parent wants to raise their children well.

*Shifting gears a little bit*

Often times you can tell how a movie will do from viewing the trailer. Not always the case, and maybe this shouldn't be the case, but our decision to watch a movie (by however you attain it) can be based off the trailer.

I saw the trailer for Daddy Boy recently, about a loser dad (Sandler, obviously) who tries to reconnect with the son (Samberg) he had in middle school. You read that right: middle school. There was one line that caught me by surprise, an exchange that went this way:

Samberg: "You were the worst dad ever! You fed me cake and ice cream for dinner!"
Sandler: "What do you mean; I was an awesome dad, you wanted those things."
Samberg: "...It's your job to say no!"

*Back to original thought*

For me this is one of the scariest things looking forward to being a dad: giving in to your child's demands and not parenting well.

I was reflecting on that an the universal question of why doesn't God give us what we want. Surely we can assess our own needs. We tell him what we want and He provides because He loves us. After all, what father "if his son asked him for a fish would give him a snake," right?

Trusting in God's goodness that he really knows what is right for us can be difficult sometimes; but it's knowing God's goodness that helps me great certainty that when I don't get what I want, I get what I need. 

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