Monday, May 7, 2012

Wedding Songs

I came across this song and was so captivated by it!

Often we take mental notes of what song we would like to play at our wedding some day. I want to think that this song will be used at some point in the day. Here are the viable options it (the epic chorus) can be played:

  • Exit Song - When the kiss is given and the pronouncement made, it will be stellar to blast this and see people do a little jig while the air high-hives are generously thrown around. 
  • Powerpoint Slides - Epic background music while pictures are plastered on a big screen for all our loved ones to see and reminisce. 
  • Wedding Video - Background music as we watch video and photos from the wedding day, remembering how awesome it was. 

 It's cool to think about how many opportunities you actually have to play music at your wedding.

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