Friday, August 17, 2012

TV Fall Preview Part III

With the Fall TV season soon upon us, I thought I would take a look at some of the new shows some of the cable networks are coming out with and offer up my two cents. So far we looked at what I thought might be hits, misses, and today are the maybes (ones I'm not sure which way they lean).

I've been having difficulty uploading trailers for each episode (which is why Part II looks like a mess) so this time I linked the video to the titles. Click on them if you want to view.


The Mindy Project (Fox)
It's nice to see Mindy Kaling in a show outside of The Office. This show reminds me of New Girl, which had a strong start but kind of wobbled throughout the season. I'm not sure what the "it" factor is, but I do think it will at least have as good of a strong start.

Nashville (ABC)
If Reba was in this it would definitely be in the miss category, but it has Hayden Pannettiere instead so.... yeah. Will she be enough, though? I think the biggest factor will be people who actually live in Nashville, a city HUGE into country music; if they are into this then it will be an easy sell. I'm not sure how much country eastern Canada can take, though.

Partners (CBS)
Not sure how funny it is actually going to be. It's hailed as from the creative minds behind Will & Grace, but I never watched it so I wouldn't know if it was any good (IMDB tells me that it was).

I notice that when there are gay characters on a show there is always at least one really flamboyant character. W&G has Jack, Happy Endings has Derrick, Modern Family has Cam. Partners seems to have Louis. So really, it comes down to character development. Right now I peg How I Met Your Mother in the category for best character development in a comedy series, which really sets the bar high because of its strong first season (and even now, moving towards its eighth!). This is a show that tries to make the connection of "friends as family" so it will be interesting to read about it.

That's all, folks. There are some returning shows this fall and I'll probably save that for another post down the road. Until then, we only have one more episode in this season of Suits left!

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