Thursday, August 16, 2012

TV Fall Preview Part II

With the Fall TV season soon upon us, I thought I would take a look at some of the new shows some of the cable networks are coming out with and offer up my two cents. Yesterday I looked at what might be hits. Today I will suggest what I think could be received poorly by audiences.

Guys With Kids (NBC)

 The more I think about this show, the sadder I feel for my generation of men. And then I just feel right out annoyed. Rather than taking up the challenge of reversing the delayed adolescence, NBC would rather sign on a show that accepts this "Peter Pan syndrome" and have fathers remain boys. A better tag line should read Can new dads be responsible? Because that would be worth watching.

Last Resort (ABC)
This reminds me of a really poor sci-fi movie, not unlike Megasaurus Versus Whatever. Actually, it would probably make more money as a DVD, but we'll see.

Made In Jersey (CBS)

I'm not from Jersey, so not sure how I would feel if I were.

Malibu Country (ABC)

Reba. Enough said?

The Mob Doctor (Fox)

Not sure if the commitment to follow the story will be strong enough to captivate audiences. It definitely won't come from me, if the trailer is an indication. It's too bad, I was wondering whatever happened to Michael Rapaport.

The Neighbors (ABC)
The acting is horrible. It doesn't even look that funny, just plain stupid.

The New Normal (NBC)

After the success of Modern Family it should be no surprise that networks are experimenting with different family models. When I see the trailer for this though, I see it going the way of GCB and it's definitely going to offend. Who it offends will be the topic of discussion, but for the moment I just don't seeing this as successful* as Modern Family.

Ben & Kate (Fox)

Was this a parody of the royal couple? Because even that might have worked better than this. Again we see more of extended adolescence where we can forgive someone's failure to grow up for his good heart and good intentions. This does nothing to help foster responsibilities and growing up. Whoever thought growing up means not having fun simply needs more fun, and more responsibilities.

Vegas (CBS)


The final part we'll look at what shows I think could go either way.

*What deems a show successful? That might be a post of its own.


  1. What's your problem with Reba? She's funny!

  2. I take it back, that's just a remake of her show Reba...