Thursday, August 16, 2012

On Content

I engaged in a fruitful discussion on blogging recently. Fruitful because I think anything that you discuss which causes you to think after the conversation is fruitful. And since it was about blogging in particular, I decided to blog about it.

Back in May I wrote about how pictures are not the end all or be all of content, and I still agree with that. Now it seems that content itself can be quite overwhelming for audiences, even the best delivered kinds.

I love reading blogs. I still set up my Google Reader to help me stay on track with people's blogs, whether they are people I know personally or popular blogs covering topics that interest me, I like reading them all in the spare time I'm allotted while driving commuting via public transit. There's just one thing... Is there such thing as too much content?

I believe there is.

The blogs I most look forward to are the ones that come sparingly. You know these are people who blog in their spare time, not for money (or rather, not for primary source of income). Most often these are the blogs I look forward to the most, because they are able to better curate what they write without the boundary of timelines or due dates. They just write.

There comes a point that no matter how talented a writer or observer (I'm looking at you, Seth Godin) I may just end up scanning through the words rather than savoring them.

The blog I look forward to are the ones that just appear. Maybe once a week, or maybe once a month, when I see them on my feed I do get a little excited because I sense that what I read will have had hours of thought and preparation. Even better if I know the person IRL (in real life) so then I can have a real conversation about whatever they've written. In fact, I have seen a rise in the number of postings from people I know who don't update too often, which makes reading them even more satisfying.

Remember that although you post everyday, you're platform may turn from a microphone to just noise.

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