Wednesday, August 15, 2012

TV Fall Preview Part I

With the Fall TV season soon upon us, I thought I would take a look at some of the new shows some of the cable networks are coming out with and offer up my two cents. I will suggest what I think could be received well by audiences.


Animal Practice (NBC)

 It has a Community-style humour in a not-exactly-a-hospital environment (I actually thought that before reading the video comments, just a disclaimer). And people will still find puppies cuter than humans, so this show has that going for it.

Elementary (CBS)

 This should probably go in the Maybe category but, c'mon, Lucy Liu! It seems charming enough but it will need more than a deranged protagonist and reluctant colleague to make this show into a regular favourite. I do enjoy the care to detail, how everything fits like a puzzle, which is why I'm predicting a successful outcome. At least survive Season 1!

Emily Owens, M.D. (The CW)

 Her chirpy and geeky self reminds me a lot of someone I know, and I think everyone has a friend like that, which is why it might do well. It's just a feel-good story that everyone can relate with. I haven't seen Grey's Anatomy, but this looks like that and Scrubs put together.

Go On (NBC)

 Matthew Perry is going to kill it with this one. Probably a poor choice of words, as the theme is about death and the grieving process, but it does take a light-hearted approach.

Revolution (NBC)

 This could be the next Lost. Fantastic open sequence, but I'm a little unsure where it's going or where it's going to go. I love that this is pretty much a wake-up call of "Oh no, maybe I'm actually relying on my technology more than I should." JJ Abrams is behind this, which is a strong reason why I'm behind this.

Those are my hit predictions for the new shows. My next post in the series will look at what I think will be serious misses this fall season. What would you add to this list?

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