Wednesday, August 15, 2012

What's On Now?

Earlier this spring/summer I suggested some shows to check out in my post What's On? Now I will follow-up and examine what shows I have been paying more attention to lately (since June, actually).


Will there ever be a season I'm not talking about this show? Granted I have missed quite a number of weeks, but even the slow episodes are rich with ethical dilemma scenarios; questions that ask what would you do in a given situation. There is always a positive take-away, which is why I always come back.

Breaking Bad

AMC prides itself in making good stories (Mad Men, The Walking Dead, The Killing, etc) but this show really pushes the envelope for television drama. I would compare it to looking at a disaster on a highway and not wanting to look away, just stare and be momentarily stunned. This is the final season split between two summers, and it's been a long road. We started off with Walter White, an average high school teacher who is actually a very gifted chemist, producing meth to help pay for his cancer treatment. What saddens me is the deterioration his family over the seasons. If you want to "protect" family values, look no further than the White household. In the latest season he overthrows the biggest drug lord only to inherit it himself, causing fear to enslave his wife for the protection of their children.

It's not for everyone, but it is arguably one of the best dramas on television right now.

The Newsroom

Like AMC, HBO is also an easy bet with good story (The Sopranos, Entourage). This one has been a surprise hit wonder for me. I checked out the pilot and was floored by how excellent the writing and delivery was. Aaoron Sorkin is now on my radar of writers to watch (The Social Network, A Few Good Men). Fans of the West Wing would really enjoy this show, because there is still a bit of that serious tone, and smart. As a viewer I loved how they took real news stories and gave it's own fresh perspective, because I can then recount my exposure to a particular story and evaluate it for myself.

If you are a journalism or political science student, you would really enjoy this too.

I will leave it there for shows I'm watching currently. I have also gotten back to Stephen Colbert; he is just too funny not to watch.

Since September is almost on its way (Can you believe August is half-over?!) I will start a short series on what new shows are coming this fall. If you're thinking of what shows to watch this season, take this ride with me as I look at what's coming out and predict the hits, misses, and maybes. Family is a popular theme this year, as opposed to Friends, so we'll take a look at what is coming out.

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