Thursday, November 1, 2012

Pomegranate, How I Love Thee

As I was preparing my breakfast this morning I decided to include pomegranate seeds to complement my meal.

If you were to ask me my favourite fruit, I would tell you it is pomegranate. I thought I would list out reasons why.

They're great conversation fruits
Because the seeds take time to collect, they create good bonding moments for you and a friend to talk and think.

They produce the virtue of patience
Let's be honest, pomegranates are not "grab and go" fruits. There is also a calculated risk involved; will the time I spend picking out these seeds be worth the taste I receive after? Sometimes, no, the seeds are just not ready. Most of the time they are big wins.

They're biblical
Or just mentioned in the Bible. A quick word search brought me to 25 verses that mention it, some literal and others not so much. All good reads!

They're unique
Throw one of those fruits in a fruit basket and you have an award-winning fruite basket; they're the most desirable. Everyone has seen a banana, an apple, an orange at a very young age, but pomegranates are on a whole other level of coolness.

They're seasonal
Some people mark fall as the changing of the leaves, or the cold temperature, holidays or specialty foods like pumpkin pies. When I see a pomegranate that's when I know it's officially fall, because it's that time when we see them in the store.

They're so many
If you eat half a banana, do you really want to save the other half for later? Pomegranate seeds are so easy to store for later!

They're delicious
Whether you choose to eat them seed-by-seed or by the spoon(hand)-ful, they are so juicy! Some are sweet, some sour, and all something great.

So there you have it, folks. Not that you need a reason to eat pomegranates, but if you did then I hope this list helps!

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