Thursday, November 1, 2012

Love is Sacrifice

A few weekends ago I hosted my first "Movie Night" at a friend's house. I've watched movies at friends' houses many times, but this is the first time with a specific focus, or goal in mind.

The goal was to see a movie through a concentrated lens and draw out the meta-narratives. The film was Citizen Kane.

I chose Citizen Kane for its display of pure tragedy. A reminder of what a life void of love looks like. It is a beautifully well-done film that captures harsh truth and communicates it in a way that resonates. It begs the question, "Why?" and the answer, I think, points to love.

The reason I say this is because even in watching the film I was able to literally observe the kind of love Kane wanted but did not have. It was a radical kind of love, one that is not self-serving but self-sacrificing.

I noticed this in a husband who stayed home to babysit the kids so that his wife can enjoy a night out for a movie.

I noticed this in a wife who occupied her daughter in another room so her husband can take in a movie.

I noticed this in a married couple who played tag-team the whole night putting their children to bed for the umpteenth time so everyone else can enjoy the movie.

Glad to have a hope greater than Kane's, and to see love lived out.

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