Friday, November 9, 2012

True Fellowship Includes Correction

Recently I have been reminded how awesome genuine Christian fellowship is. Whether it's jamming wildly in public or chatting quietly in private, it is good not to be alone.

I write this out more as a reminder to myself the importance of fellowship among people who share the same faith as you. My church is currently running an afternoon series entitled "Fellowship Breakers" that looks at the varying reasons why fellowship can be broken.

The series has been a good one, and it forces to me think of what strengthens fellowship. One idea that may not be so obvious would be in the area of correction.

Like all relationships, there comes a point when you "let yourself go" - you've become completely comfortable with those closest to you and you expose more of your true self. This is liberating! You're not wearing a mask, you are free to be yourself. I think this is the best time for your friends to see your blind spots: the areas that creep up (pride, jealousy, gossip; fellowship breakers essentially). We need friends who will be courageous to tell us the truth, because in any moment we can be blinded to it.

Sometimes this can done publicly, or privately, depending on each situation. Either way, it's humbling.

When someone tells you what you need to hear instead of just what you want to hear, that is a mark of a friend.

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