Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Slutty Pumpkin

In this episode we see Robin on a double date with Marshall and Lily. Yes, we skip the main plot (title) again to look at the interesting points made in this side-story.

Robin has always been a solo player; in sports, in careers, and apparently in relationships. The difficulty we see is that she is so used to being independent, she doesn't know what it means to act as a couple. And by "act as a couple" I really mean "being in a relationship". It's a lot of serving the other more than yourself. It's sharing your food with another without hoarding it for yourself. It's putting the interest of the other above your own.

What does God call us to be? Selfish? Servants.

Ted's advice at the end is endearing. When the right person comes along, you'll want to be the right person for them. It's just as important to stay that right person.

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