Friday, December 14, 2012

Chick-Flicks VS Rom-Coms - What's the Difference?

The time has come, to settle the score and come to a conclusion of defining what, exactly, is considered a "chick flick".

The year was 2008, and I was sitting comfortably snug on my (roommate's) bean cushion watching my then favourite Christmas movie: Just Friends.

It was about halfway through when my roommate walks into the room and, in a very judging tone, asks: "what are you watching?" 

"Just Friends," I replied, "it's so funny, eh, come watch!"

"...It's a chick flick," he responded.

"-_-" was the look I gave him.

And thus began the debate between a "chick flick" and "romantic comedy" in film. What's the difference, you may ask? Oh, there certainly is one!

According to my roommate, there is an "explosions to kissing" ratio that is applied to movies. If the number of kisses in a movie is greater than the number of guns blazing or flames throwing, it is a chick flick. But there is still a distinct difference between chick flick and romantic comedy. I have come up with my own reasonable rubric down below.

A Romantic Comedy

  • has been marketed with guys in mind 
  • anything with Will Smith or Ryan Reynolds in it
  • is enjoyed in groups
  • makes you laugh
  • loosely based off the lives of its screenwriters

A Chick Flick

  • focuses on love/romance and no comedy (ie. no guys in mind) 
  • anything with Hugh Grant in it
  • is watched in pairs
  • makes you cry
  • not always based off books, but if it was it would most likely have been written by Nicholas Sparks or Stephanie Meyer

It's important for the distinction between romantic comedies and chick flicks to be made. Why? Perhaps it's because genres are evolving. Comedy is taking new form and capturing other genres, creating shows that are more "dramadeys". Studios need something that will keep boyfriends happy whose girlfriends drag them to the theatre. Or who knows, perhaps producing story arches sprinkled with poor dating advice so that more single women will go see their movies?

In any case, now you are slightly better off telling the difference between a chick flick and romantic comedy. 

Enjoy your movie :)

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