Thursday, December 20, 2012

Hunters and Gatherers in the Church

In high school I took an elective class, Family Studies, and it was one of my favourite courses that year. Sure the teacher was pretty, new, and a little naive, but she fostered a very encouraging learning environment. It was one of the first times I cared about the anthropological definitions of "hunters and gatherers".

I don't remember at what point I thought I would categorize church people (people who attend church) within these two roles.


  • Want everyone at their home
  • Are super generous with what they have
  • Review and improve upon plans proposed at meetings
  • Think of what to do after service


  • Usually are the first to greet you if you're new to the church
  • Administratively-minded; they look after the financials and planning of the church
  • Execute the plans proposed at meetings
  • Decide what to do after service

I don't think that hunters-gatherers in the church (or any organization) should be either-or. It's fun to figure out which one you lean towards, for sure, but then become a hybrid of the two.

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