Sunday, December 23, 2012

The Gift of Re-Gifting

Have you ever re-gifted something?

If done well, re-gifts make amazing presents. I'm not sure where the stigma originated from though. I think maybe it's just good marketing on super stores to sell *NEW* items.

I've heard some of the complaints about re-gifting: there's no thought, it's cheap, and it's lazy. Well to all those haters I say "haters' gonna hate". 

I thought I would point out some of the benefits in re-gifting. Especially for those who are scurrying to get last-minute shopping done. 

  1. It takes thought - Sometimes a person may give you a gift that doesn't suit you well. BUT, you know that someone else may benefit better from it. For example, someone gives my sister a movie pass but she hardly ever goes to the movies. Guess who she's going to give it to? That's right, this guy!
  2. It's good stewardship - The economy is still recovering, and now is never the time to dig yourself into debt, so why wouldn't you save on gifts by generously giving yours?
  3. It's proactive - They make great accessories if you're looking to do combination gifts, or something to complement another item.

Re-gifting offers you the gift of choice, to choose from items you may not have considered before. It's a way to show selflessness by giving up what you might otherwise want for yourself. 

Be careful though, as there is still an existing stigma attached to re-gifting, it would be best to be very tactful about it. 

Merry Christmas!

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