Friday, January 11, 2013

Movies in 2013

Instead of a "top 10" list for this year's movies, I would rather select some feature films that have crossed my radar and pick out the more anticipating ones.

Thanks to IGN's ultimate movie guide, here are some that I drew out!

A Good Day to Die Hard - Watched the original Die Hard just two years ago, and it is pretty awesome.
The Fast and The Furious 6 - Fast 5 was one of the best in the series, and bringing back Michelle Rodriguez is going to make this one insane!
Sin City: A Dame To Kill For - Okay, yes, I thought Sin City was brilliant. Having not read the stories, this is probably the next best thing. Looking forward to seeing some of the returning cast.
Jack Ryan - Never really understood the character, so let this be a new beginning.
The Hunger Games: Catching Fire - Okay, so the first film didn't match the greatness of the books; movies based off books never do. Still, I'm committed to this series as there haven't been any books that I've read and liked so much that I'd go see the film adaptation so much. (I'm looking at you LOTR, Potter, and Twilight fans).
Iron Man 3 - The trailer gives off a more serious tone, and one I'd like to see lead to a higher character development for Stark.

Star Trek Into Darkness - So glad that Abrams' has rebooted this with a much younger crop of characters, reigning in old trekkie fans and new ones. Personally I was never a fan of Star Trek, but I am a big fan of this series.
Ender's Game - Haven't read the book, but this looks good!
Pacific Rim - This looks interesting!

Jack The Giant Slayer - The main character seems out of place, at least the actor, but I'm sure his performance will prove me wrong and I'll really get into it.
Oz: The Great and Powerful- I really enjoy prequels, and this one in particular looks fantastic! Although I'm not really a fan of Mila Kunis, I'm sure she'll be fine in this. It's James Franco I'm sure will do well with this; haven't seen him do as good a job since 127 Hours, and this film could be the boost he needs (we all still remember his Oscar hosting experience).
Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters - Our beloved Grimm's fairytale takes a unique perspective of the sibling duo 15 years after their experience. I'm looking forward to this because it's more of a grown-up feel to the children story we're familiar with. Actually, I would like to see a more accurate retelling that is catered to mature audiences only.
300: Rise of an Empire - 300 was a lot of fun and I'm sure this will be no different. I've had a fascination with the Spartan culture that I've read up on it even before the movie released.
Thor: The Dark World - I wasn't really a fan of the first one, but then I saw The Avengers and my perspective on this demigod changed dramatically. I appreciate more his Shakespearean-like speech.
The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug - I just really want to see Smaug take things up a notch.
Man of Steel - Not really a fan of Superman, but with such a fantastic cast and crew behind this project I believe this is going to be a successful reboot of a global icon. Like all these movies, I'm especially looking forward to dissecting the meta-narratives throughout this story. It would be great to see a little clip at the end, similar to 2008 Iron Man, with a lead-up to the Justice League.

Gangster Squad - The music is probably what drew me in, but everything else (story, casting) kept me there. Emma Stone looks stunning! I'm probably the only person who wrote her off after watching Easy A, but she clearly has made all the right decisions in her film choices (The Help, Spiderman, Stupid Crazy Love to name a few).
The Great Gatsby - Leo does a great job at biopics, and I'm anticipating nothing less than greatness with this film.
jOBS - Have yet to read the biography, but this biopic looks decent. Let's see if Kutcher does a good job as Jobs (see what I did there?).

The Internship - An amazing concept, especially with the job market these days.
Anchorman: The Legend Continues - Interested to see how many funnymen they can cram into this. I was a late viewer of the original, but I'd like to see where this new one picks up.

Monsters University - This is coming in at a great time with so many people relating back to their college experiences. With Toy Story 3 about Andy heading off to college, this coming at a great time with a wide audience of people anticipating college for the first time, current students, and graduates feeling nostalgic of the college experience.

Carrie - I found the original rather...boring... But the trailer looks interesting enough.
World War Z - Zombies! Yes, please.

Cinemagogue has a similiar list that has a great focus on the spiritual aspects of their movies. Actually, reading them motivates me to keep my worldview in check.

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