Sunday, January 13, 2013

TV Mid-Season 2013 Preview

What are you watching these days?

A new year means a new crop of TV shows and episodes.

In fact, IGN has come out with another great guide covering what's new this winter season. I'm going to pick out the ones I'm looking forward to, or will do well, and maybe add a few to the list. 

New Shows
The Americans - Seems a little slow paced, but so was the Cold War (according to my history class). Then again, can strong story be enough to win out over slow pace?
Do No Harm - A modernized version of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. If it plays on the lines of morality, like the title suggests, it will be good to see the character interaction and how they balance the moral compass.
House of Cards - Kevin Spacey. That's all. He's good in everything.

Returning Shows
House of Lies - Haven't seen the first season, but this looks really good (or maybe it's just Bell?)
Community - Couldn't decide if this show has seen its peak and should ending, but just looking at the latest teaser for this season is getting me excited for the new season. Classes are clearly still in session.
Arrested Development - Netflix is bringing back the complete fourth season all at once, and I think this will be a great way to introduce the merger between television and online streaming in a more structured business model.
Suits - Still mad with Mike's decision last year surrounding Rachel. Let's see if the mentoring relationship that made Mike and Harvey so strong first season will bounce back.

Continuing Shows
How I Met Your Mother - The relational archetypes are best seen in this show above any other, and that sings true when you consider it has just signed on for a ninth season (Friends ran for ten).
Happy Endings - Would you remain friends with the person who left you at the altar? That's exactly the premise of this show and, despite reality, it actually works here. Similar to HIMYM, but what drew me was Wayans Jr. boarding from New Girl, and Elisha Cuthbert as a regular.
Modern Family - This is the show that spawned very similar show-types that put family on the front lines and it is a huge hit. If you want a glimpse at suburban life through a comedic lens, this is it.
Parks and Recreation - The ridiculousness behind small government with a strong cast of funny people. If you like The Office's style of camera angles, you would love this show. Yes, angles matter.

Of course with a buffet of TV offerings there is always an added emphasis in being selective in what you watch, so do not neglect your information diet!

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