Sunday, January 20, 2013

The Best Movie Snack Ever

Cotton Candy!

I was going to write a lead-up to what the best movie candy ever is, but the stuff is just so good I jumped right in there.

That's right, that candy fluff you enjoyed as a kid All The Time is available in almost every movie theatre you attend. Yet they remain unsold - why?

This post is going to highlight some reasons why you should consider cotton candy as a movie snack the next time you step into a theatre.

It lasts

Ever finished your food before the previews even rolled out? I'm thinking pizzas and hotdogs and the like. Even popcorn can be eaten up early into the movie. But cotton candy? I still had a quarter of a bag left after a 3 hour stretch! Twice. This candy will last you. 

You can share it

Not only will you have left-overs for yourself, but there's enough to go around! It's the perfect treat to pass around your friends. 

It's sweet

If you like sweet treats, there's nothing quite like this candy cloud of sweetness. Which leads to my next point...

Doesn't make you pee

Sure drinks may not be considered a "movie snack", but they are when paired with something like popcorn or nachos. And those are salty! And salt makes you thirsty! And drinking too much makes you pee! You can avoid all that with cotton candy, that doesn't result in you having to hold it in for 2 hours. 

It's quiet

I talked about share-ability, but did you know that part of what makes it amazing to share is how quiet it can be done? Popcorn bags and candy wrappers make so much noise between seats, but cotton candy is stealthy like a ninja - you wouldn't even know it's there til it's already in your moth, and even then it's still too late! With cotton candy you don't hear any snap, crackle, or crunch that most movie snacks like popcorn makes, thus creating a more enjoyable experience for everyone.

It's cheap

That's right, folks, you can get this stuff for less than the cost of a drink. 

Not high maintenance

Ever get kernels stuck in your teeth? What about salsa on your shorts? Powder stains on your shirt? Sometimes movie snacks are more work that takes away from the movie experience. But cotton candy? Simply tear a piece without having to fret about cleanliness.

So those are just a few reasons why cotton candy is the best movie snack. If you want some general ideas of what else might make an interesting movie snack, check out Chris the Candy Critic's website; the guy can write a book on this. 


  1. This is great, however you never really touch on the problem of sticky fingers.

    1. It's true I didn't. I would say that even with the sticky fingers, is it not better than the powdered popcorn topping on your fingertips? That stuff also gets on your clothes and takes away from the movie experience. I will be more impartial the next go around :)