Thursday, May 9, 2013

Humber PR Summer Start

The new semester has started up this week and the campus definitely transformed while we were away. More green, more sun, more fun!


The food services are severely limited and they took away my Booster Juice! But on top of saving some coin, there are few positives in having school in the summer.

  • Waking up early is not as difficult, and the commute is shorter for some reason
  • Prime parking spots available
  • Picnics!
I'm pulling an Amish look
  • Summer activities - last semester we thought up ideas of what to do before summer ended. Here is our list
Some great things to do in Scarborough!

  • Greenery - it's true I'm not a great admirer for the outdoors, but the campus looks great with a few trees
They are starting to bloom
  • Privacy - it feels like the campus is ours when no one is around, it feels good
  • Less stress - even though the amount of work remains nearly the same, the weather certainly helps keep everyone cool, calm, collected
I'm sure there are many more points to add, but it's still only the first week. 

Definitely looking forward to the summer months, and hopefully fit a little bit of traveling between assignments!

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