Friday, May 17, 2013

Location, location, location

The travel required for me to reach the Humber campus last semester was brutal! 

I often considered just up and moving to the Etobicoke area some days. Instead, I've decided to save some money and focus on the positives of living in the east end, at least for this new semester. I bet you I can identify some fun facts to be appreciated about my geolocation (thanks parents!).

Some factoids about where I live.

  • My house sits between two major intersections that provide me three bus route options for whatever my destination might be.
  • My house is located nearer to the end of the line for my major bus routes. This offers two great benefits: I am always guaranteed a seat, and the express bus doesn't pass by as it does for the busier routes.
  • My house is located right off the highway, literally on the same road which makes it significantly easy for me to direct people when they're picking me up or dropping me off.
  • My house has very close proximity to community amenities: schools, convenient stores, library, etc
  • My house is conveniently positioned nearby people who can offer to drop me off. The reason for this because the borough next door is a more likely destination for young couples to move in and begin raising families. The bonus for me is being available for third-wheel dating.
  • My house is located in one of the safest parts of Toronto. I can say this while acknowledging the fact I live between two gangs, and it's still true!
  • Some of the friends I grew up with still live in the area, making weekly get-togethers very valuable
  • The bus route I take connects to the last subway station on the line. This is great for two reasons: It means I'm almost always guaranteed a spot on the train, and the train is always going the same direction so there's no chance of ever boarding the wrong one!
Now it's your turn. What are some positives about where you live?

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