Sunday, August 21, 2011

Searching for "The One"

Hey Everybody!

First I'd like to thank you for getting your way to this post, whether it was via a link, search, or some Jedi mind trick. It's nearly the end of summer, and most people have already started preparing for the fall season, myself included. It has been a good couple of months with all the inexpensive mind vacations and self-reflection I have been on (not to mention eating loads of ice cream!) while determining my future.

Now, I'm leveraging the power of social networks to officially announce my search for "the one". That's right, somewhere over the hills and far away (or right here in busy Toronto) there is a boss wanting to hire me. They don't know it yet, and I need to find him or her!

Currently I'm looking at positions in the field of communications, especially within PR, social media, and event planning. I'm also interested in any non-profits that need help in this area whose mission and values are close to mine. Working for a university in an administrative/support role would also be excellent.

To help me with the search, I'm asking that you join the search effort in any way you know how. This could be through your time, talents, or other means.

- If you can take a few moments to engage with your network and share the news that my job is out there somewhere, that would be A-mazing.

- If you or someone you know hosts a blogging or news article site that is looking for guest posts, writers, contributors, etc. then send me a message and I'll be happy to help (and you will help me add more to my portfolio)

- If you are passionate about web or graphic design, or know someone with the skills who is, I'm willing to learn from you! Maybe take an hour out of a day to go over a mini-tutorial and basics. Perhaps send me home with a project assignment and see how I blow beginner expectations out of the water. (Photoshop, etc)

- If you are a photographer, I am in need of a new profile picture for my LinkedIn and other social network avatars. Similarly, if you are into fashion style then I will need to go on a shopping trip to prepare for my future job. Need to look good for the first interview!

- If you want to just give me a Talent, that's helpful too. Apparently an Attic talent of silver was the "value of nine man-years of skilled work", according to the economy of Ancient Greece.

Other Means
- If you have friends, colleagues, coworkers that know of any opportunities then pass them my card! Don't have my card? Then send them this link, email me, and I will send you my card.

- If there is anything that comes to mind, feel free to let me know. The future of my career may even be a result of your help, in which case our future friendship looks promising.

- If you have any rich relatives who wish to help fund my expenses while the search continues, I would be most grateful. I will also send them a yearly Christmas card.

- If you're in the Toronto area and have a work party or networking event you'd like to attend but are unsure, consider me your +1. I love meeting new people, and what better way than to go with someone you know!

Note to potential employers: I am adding to my skills and abilities each passing day. I count every hour more valuable than the previous one, especially since this stat was reported. I am eager to meet you soon and discuss possible future possibilities. You can view my profile here. I enjoy long walks on the beach while keeping up-to-date with market trends from my mobile.

Everyone: Thanks for reading. I'm a loyal blue individual - I know because I took a test. Are you as excited to be part of the search as I am? The one for me is out there... It could even be you!

Disclaimer: The views expressed above are my own opinion and do not reflect the views of my employer.

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